Monday, October 3, 2011

God is NOT Your Girlfriend: My Biggest Problems with a lot of 'Contemporary Christian' Music

     A lot of people are under the impression that I hate all modern 'Christian' music.  That's simply not true.  I actually like it.  In fact I listen to it a lot when I can get my hands on a song with good lyrics.  God gave us music to enjoy and so we could glorify Him with it.  I'm just uncomfortable with the irreverent attitude behind a lot of what the Christian community calls praise music.  Here are some important things to think about when your jamming out to your cool beats:

1.  Does it exalt man or God?:  This is the most important thing I can think of.  Does the music you listen to talk only about how God loves us 'cause we're so beautiful or great or does it talk about how God loves us despite our wickedness and depravity?  God does love us, but it's not because of how terrific we are, it's because of how merciful, loving and forgiving He is.

2.  Does it reflect an attribute of God?:  I think a good way of praising The Lord is by finding music that reflects an attribute of God.  It should be sweet like God's mercy or graceful.  Maybe musically or lyrically deep like God's wisdom.  If you want to hear something that does not sound like an attribute of God, look up a heavy metal 'Christian' band like 'Demon Hunter'.  Should music that speaks about God or Christ sound like darkness, evil, hatred and anger?

3.  God is not your girlfriend:  This is by far one of the most annoying trends in music.  "Hold me in your arms," "Whisper to me"...  all those whiny romantic-sounding songs... are you really giving praise to your All-powerful Creator with these songs?  You know... all those sappy, drippy, drooling songs that sound like they've come from a really creepy, love-sick teenage boy writing to his girlfriend?  Don't get me wrong.  I'm not against romance.  There's nothing lovelier than seeing a married couple show a sacrificial love for one another.  And I think that's what the Bible means when it says the church is the bride of Christ.  Sacrificial love.  Not man's 21st century idea of romance.   If you could sing a song to your 'sweetie' with little or no change to the lyrics, it probably shouldn't be sung as a praise song to the omnipotent Creator of the universe.

     Music is something beautiful.  It should be used to glorify God with utmost reverence.  Music is also a wonderful tool.  When words are set to music, they are much easier to remember.  My parents can still recall countless ridiculous songs from their childhood.  This can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing.  It's imperative that the music we listen to have truth in their lyrics, because the lyrics we listen to will be with us for a long time.

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