Saturday, October 1, 2011

Of Football and Fairy Logs

I bet you're wondering what football and fairy logs have in common... the answer is: ME!
     The other day--this past Thursday actually--Charlie begged me to come to football practice to hang out with her.  My initial thought was 'Oh lovely.  I get to go and watch a bunch of sweaty adolescent males run around and tackle each other in a game that I have not the slightest idea how to play.  How fun for me, right?'  But Charlie and Emaline would be there, and I had a sketchbook with me, (I can be happy anywhere with a sketchbook), so I went.
     Charlie, Ash, Emaline, Jessica and I all piled into the large white van that Emaline and Charlie's mother usually drove.
     I'm very glad I did go, for, I found the loveliest big old log.  It was about a yard or more in diameter, and stretched across a shallow, leaf-filled ditch.  It was exactly the kind of log under which you might expect to find a small goblin or fairy living.  It was very romantic-looking.
     Charlie, Jessica and Ash followed me down to see it.  Jessica's brother, Duke, soon found us, with his trombone in hand and we all began dancing on my log, to the sound of trombone music.  I'm sure anyone who saw us would think we were all crazy, but we had too much fun to stop.

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