Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Artwork in Progress...

This was the beginning of the piece. I started out in Gimp because I didn't have photoshop at the time. I started out with the idea of doing feathers instead of tears. It looked pretty awful at this point.

When I got Photoshop I transferred the file over and did this. The smooth shading was accomplished with the color mixing tool.

The beginning of the tears...

...which became this...

...and eventually this!

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  1. Wow! What a lot of tears. The poor girl must have had something really terrible happen to her . . . must be a story behind this. : )

  2. It's more of a face and water study than actual art. It's a lot more abstract than my normal work. And yes, there is always a story behind my artwork (whether it's interesting or not is another matter) ;)
    It's part of an artwork series and I'm going to go through three other emotions to practice.

  3. Jensine's had a lot of hurt and pain this year but it has really shaped her as a woman. God is faithful to use our trials to grow us.

  4. Lovely work Jensine! <3
    Keep it up!