Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Midnight Snack

When at night,
you go to bed,
what fancies fly on,
through your head?

Do you ever ask yourself,
or do you never wonder,
what in such a dreamy state,
your sleepy mind will ponder?

What is it you think about,
and what is it you contemplate?
Things that make you happy,
or things that only aggravate?

Like cactus needles, moldy bread,
broken nails and pencil lead.

But by far the worst vexation,
is to die a death by slow starvation.

To open up the pantry,
to look upon the wrack,
to find it full, yet empty
of all your favorite snacks!

How can this be?
No cookies? No candy? Nothing sweet?
Your hopes crumble at your feet,
And your tummy rumbles for a treat.

Neither chips nor pretzels do you see.
No visions of tastiness do your eyes bring.
No chocolate or yumminess,
Only healthy things!

You begin to think that you may die
When something good will catch your eye.


There they are upon the shelf
and you reach out to help yourself.

At last a bright hope of salvation!
Your heart is alive with palpitations.

Satisfying and life saving,
A fulfillment of unhealthy cravings.

You begin to bring one to your lips,
a cup of hope for your heart to sip.

Happily you take a bite.
Your tongue expects to taste delight...

Something is wrong!
You start to panic.
You read the package,
It's ORGANIC!!! ಠ_ಠ


Tasteless, oil less,
yucky and bland.
You spit it out.
It tastes like sand.

Potato chips?! The package lied.
This would never fill your tummy!
unsalted and unfried,
This is quite unyummy!!!

Alas, your hopes were raised for naught,
for with disappointments, life is fraught.

You eat a banana,
and go to bed,
with thoughts of sadness,
in your head.

Thus, I end my tale of woe...

So when you lie in bed tonight,
sympathize with my terrible plight.
Have some pity for my sorrow.


P.S. Illustrations for this poem are soon to come!