Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Heaven: My Home

Sometimes, when I’m out in the cool air under the fall sky, I imagine what it must be like in heaven. My imagination falls so short, but I close my eyes, letting my fancies fly, painting brilliant pictures of things my earthly eyes will never see...

I know there will be great beautiful mansions and a great city with streets of gold, but I imagine that I will spend most of my time outside, under the light of the sky. There I will glorify God by observing and marveling at some of His most magnificent creations made new, as no one on earth has yet seen them, untouched by sin or by flaw.

On the hills of Heaven will be hundreds of glistening flowers. Roses, lilies, sweet-smelling hyacinths of every shade and variation, each perfectly formed by the hand of the Creator, reflecting the light of His glory.

They will have no need of the sun, for night will never touch them and cold will never wither their petals. God will shine far brighter, warmer, and more life giving than the earthly sun. His radiance will replace the sun and His Breath will stir the leaves and blossoms like a soft, tender breeze.

The one's I love most, my family and friends, are surrounding me. The ones I lost, the one's who had abandoned or forgotten me are all there. With joy I realize, we'll never, ever be parted again!

But above all these beauties, these ecstasies of joy will be the absence of pain and heartache. God's warming light will cleanse the scars that my past heartbreaks have left on my soul. I don't have to fight anymore. I'm free from my sinful mind. Free from my earthly temptations.  There is no sorrow because He is my joy, no worry because He will provide, no loss because He is my everything, and no fear because He will protect me. All that is not joy will be, as tears, wiped away by the touch of his gentle fingers.


My imagination flies so free and my heart's longing carries me so far that I almost believe I'm there...

...but I open my eyes and I'm back again. My vision of what lies around me is clouded by tears and heartache. Longing comes back, like the flood of droplets that are now rolling down my cheeks. I feel alone, afraid and hurt again, but now I realize...

...I'm still His child. He's still my joy, my provision, my protection, my hope, my peace, my strength, my Everything and though I can't see or feel Him, He is here. I know that the longing I feel is no different from that of my fellow believers, so I put on a brave face and keep going, sometimes for nothing else other than the hope that one day He'll rescue me. For now, I am blind to Him, but one day I'll see Him clearly. He'll guide my steps closer and closer, until the day I reach the end of my earthly journey and begin something new.


"The fact that our heart yearns for something Earth can't supply is proof that Heaven must be our home."--C. S. Lewis

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  1. This is beautiful, thank you for taking me there with you for a moment. I have cried for the joy of our future there as well. I love reading your thoughts, please keep writing. Never lose your everlasting imagination. Never lose your true and pure love of our Savior. Hang on, my dear. You are a rare and beautiful person, and what you have is precious. I'll see you there :)