Saturday, December 29, 2012

Indicators That You Should Let a Friendship Die....

We all have that one friend that we're never quite sure about. Every time you see them you wonder "do they actually want to be my friend or do they hate me?" How can you be sure?

You might want to consider ending a relationship if any of the following situations occur.

  • You extend an invitation for them to join you for an all-expense-paid steak dinner and they turn you down because they have a pack of balogne at home that is about to expire. They simply can't stand to let it go to waste.
  • You see your friend on the side of the road and ask them if they need a ride to where they're going. They refuse saying that they need the exercise......even though it's raining......and they're on crutches.
  • You invite them for an evening gathering on April 16 and they can't come...because they want to get a head start on next year's taxes.
  • You ask your friend if a dress makes you look fat and they reply "Fat is an understatement."
  • In the event that you and your friend are the last two survivors of the "Zombie Apocalypse", your friend prefers the company of the zombies to yours.
  • You organize a trip to see "The Hobbit" for you and your friends but when you get there, you realize that the showing is sold out. Your friends have their tickets already so they see it without you and you are forced to see...a kiddie movie. You feel so rejected and unloved that you blog about it. ;)

Have any of these things happened to you? Do you have more awkward situations to add to the list? Please comment or send your additions to me at Your addition will be posted in order to help others.


New Additions!

Submitted by Sharon Rose:
  • "When you are together, your friend's favorite topic is the weather and everyone's health.
  •  "Your friend consistently calls you by a different name because she can't recall your real name.
"I liked your post it was very imaginative. : )
My sister once made a list of things that you could talk about with people you just met. The list included asking, 'Have you ever cleaned out a sewer?', 'Where did you hide your grandmother's dentures?', and 'Have you ever been sky diving?'" -Sharon of "Sharon Rose Books"

Some smart-alec—I mean—my dear adopted brother Luke emailed me this comment:

"1 just to be ridiculous) if the ship has run aground it may be more
profitable to let it die rather than try to salvage it, thusly saving
your friend from the hefty cost of freeing his or her ship.

"If the friend ship fires its canons at you it could be a pirate ship
and not a friend ship, you may want to let it die.

"But I would say if its your friend's ship you should probably not let
it die i think the friend would appreciate it:)
....I apologize for my smartalikey comments I couldn't resist :D" -Luke of "Eternal Adventures"

Thank you so much for your emails! They make my life worth living, and my blog worth writing on. They are like candy to my soul. Keep them coming and if you like the posts, buy the author some chocolate!


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