Saturday, August 25, 2012

Our Favorite Neighbor

Mr. E lives in a house right beside ours, with his lovely wife and their dog (who is allergic to grass). He enjoys shooting, motorcycling and vacuum-sealing everything he can get his hands on (he just got a new vacuum-sealer and has been having way too much fun with it). He vacuum seals clothing, food, and small appliances, but not dogs. Dogs move too fast.
It's always nice to have a neighbor drop by for a chat, especially when it's Mr. E. His birthday is on Halloween, which he celebrates with much elation and delight every year. He used to be in the military and has many interesting stories to tell. He has offered to show us the uniforms he has, which are dated from World War II. He knows all about the time period because he used to do re-enactments. He is also an expert on which kinds of coffee are the best to drink.
Mr. E can always be counted on for entertaining conversation and neighborly mischief.